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Ok, so before we start posting on the community, I think it's wise to post a few set of guidelines as to what is allowed/not allowed in our forums. Most of these rules are common sense that you'd find in every community forum. 

Forum Rules:

Please be respectful of each other's opinions on any topics discussed on our forums. The first time we receive a complaint about any member will be a warning, the second a suspension, the third time you'll be permanently banned from the forums.

Please no double posts. Although, we understand sometimes wifi can act up so let us know if you accidently double posted so we can delete he second post for you, no harm no foul!

Adult Content of any kind is absolutely prohibited anywhere on the forums. If we catch you posting this type of content you'll will be permanently banned, thank you!

If you have any websites or forum communities of your own please feel free to advertise them on your signatures. Don't be afraid to contact us about affiliation either!

In regards to the Spam-O-Rama section of the forums. I'm pretty open minded to all kinds of junk topic, heck it's part of our name  Tongue , however, there's a difference between innocent teasing and full out flame wars. Forum games are encouraged here, but nothing that borderlines cyber bullying please. We may have younger members that visit our forums and we want to give them the best positive experience that's possible. 

On that note, I'm a bit lax on the use of profanity in posts, it may slip here and there it's understandable. You may even catch me slip it out once in a blue moon. HOWEVER, the continued use of profanity in everything you post will get you a warning, continued use will get banned from the forums. Remember people of younger ages may be visiting our forums so act accordingly.

So these are just a few easy to follow rules to give you the best experience we can offer you here! 

Thank you for your time,


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