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In a recent update in Kingdom Hearts Union X JP, Marluxia appears as the replacement leader for the Dandelions (one of the 5 Unions you can join), however, since this is a time before any of the events in the original Kingdom Hearts or Birth By Sleep occurred he is still a complete being and not yet a nobody being identified by his original name as Lauriam.

[Image: DH_7VNMUIAA5etF.jpg]

It's an interesting development to say the least, one which will be further explored in more KHUX updates and possibly expand Lauriam's character into KHIII. Also, incase you were wondering the gentleman with blonde hair is none other than VENTUS. 

For further information on the story updates of the game and why Ventus and Lauriam happen to appear here click the links below!

Sources: TheGamersJointKH Insider

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